The Script

The Script

Hey is this __ ?

Hey __ this is (Your Name) from Solgen Power, I’m calling because you clicked on an ad to find out more about our $0 down solar program, does that ring a bell?



Great, usually I just talk briefly about the program and ask you a couple of questions to make sure you qualify, shouldn’t it take more than a few minutes if you don’t mind?

AWESOME. What has you looking into solar?


Gotcha, well we are a local company here and we help customers eliminate their power bill by switching to solar. There are a lot of cool incentives that help folks qualify for solar, and it’d only take me a couple minutes to see if its a good fit for you if you don’t mind?

AWESOME. What has you looking into solar?

Does that make sense?

-- YES – On top of the federal incentive, we offer $0 down program where you can eliminate your power bill and simply swap for a fixed payment for solar.

Does that make sense?

-- Response -- (Possible you'll answer questions or go more into detail here on the incentives IF the customer asks)

1) So ___ , I have your house pulled up on Google MAPS and want to verify that your address is (customer address)



**(Look for shading)**


2) Is it just you in the house, or is it you and a spouse?…  *Response*

AND – you guys are the home owners, correct?

3) Do you know the condition of your roof?

4) Great, to qualify for our $0 Down program, one of the things the bank looks for is that you have a credit score of 650 or higher, do you think we’ll be okay there?

7) Alright, and ho would be your utility provider for your home? (notate)

8) Great, now – how much would you say your average power bill is -just ballpark?

-- Whats the highest bill you’ve ever seen? (React to highest bill)

9) We do have a few more energy savings available. Do you have a phone-controlled thermostat? Do you know the age of your HVAC system? Do you have LED lights throughout your home? Okay, based on what I’m seeing here, we should be able to wipe out your power bill and replace it with that flat payment that never goes up, which means owning your own power!
SO THE NEXT STEP IS reviewing your power bill.   From there, we will be able to create a custom design and go over your savings report.   Does that sound fair?   Do you have a copy of your power bill nearby?
  • Have customer text a picture
  • Have customer email bar graph
  • Have customer read off 12 months of usage
  • 3-way call the power company

Great, I’m going to send you a text really fast, just so you have my number, you can send a picture of the bill to that number.

Okay, the next step is scheduling that savings report. In that meeting we go over all the bottom-line numbers, how many panels there are, what the panels look like on your roof, and why so many people are transitioning to solar.

Typically, what time are you  AND [SPOUSE NAME] available TOGETHER?


Okay perfect. I’m going to block that out in my calendar. Customer, if you could do the same, that’d be awesome. 

–Wait for response

Okay awesome! These video consultations are usually 30-45 minutes, and most people typically join from a computer because it’s easier to see everything, does that work for you?

Great! I’m going to send a Teams video link to your email, is emailaddress@verify.com a good way to reach you?

Okay perfect, Well Customer, I’ve got everything booked for us… I do want to mention, this does take time and effort to put together, all I ask is that you guys show for the appointment or communicate with me if you can’t make it… Sound Fair?

Great! I’m going to start going to work for you guys, I really appreciate your time, and we will see you guys ____ (whatever time customer agreed upon).