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What is Solar Energy?

Solar panels give homeowners the ability to own their power source for $0 DOWN and no money out of pocket! If you own your home and pay ever increasing rates, you potentially save THOUSANDS by going solar! We have partnered with the highest solar companies in the nation to help homeowner determine if solar is right for them WITHOUT the hassle.

3 Easy Steps for Going Solar

Step 1

Zero Down Solar Program

A solar company will install your system for NO money out of pocket….why? Because the federal government and specific states are paying homeowners to go solar for limited time only! Capitalize on state and federal incentives while you still can! Simply swap what you’re paying for a power bill, into a solar bill.

Step 2

Secure Lower Energy Rates

By going solar, you could be saving thousands of dollars every year in utility costs! On average, solar panels can save you over $100 a month in saving in almost every state! Depending on how much energy you use and the layout of your house, you wipe out your electric bill completely. How cool is that?

Step 3

Increase Home Equity

Increase home value! A study conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory shows that homes sell 20% faster and for 17% more money. So not only are you utilizing an asset to save money directly, you’re making your home worth more, which means you’re worth more in equity Who doesn’t want to be worth more money?

Benefits of Going Solar

There are plenty of ways people benefit when they decide to go solar. The thing is, not only does it benefit you but it benefits the entire planet. Your decision can very well help save this planet from ourselves. It will allow us to turn back time to a point where the planet was a lot cleaner and healthier.

Here are some of the ways going solar can benefit you

  • $0 Down programs – You can get your system installed with no upfront payment.
  • Home increase in equity – Solar will boost the equity on your home for as high as 17% your homes current worth.
  • Monthly costs – Switching to solar has not only helped lower the energy bill but completely eliminated it for some of you. Some customers have also reported getting credited from the city( depending on your location.
  • Cleaner– No fossil fuels, no dams effecting ecosystems, and renewable which means energy source won’t run out. We will be able to fight tragic climate change that is coming.
  • Tax incentive– A lot of Americans are able to take advantage of the federal solar tax credit and get credit back just for going solar.
  • Dependency– Helps reduce the need to use nonrenewable energy sources like fossil fuels thus helping us combat against limited sources.
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See if you qualify for the

$0 Down Solar Program

The $0 Down Solar Program was created to help homeowners transition into becoming owners of their energy. With the $0 Down Solar Program, you can get solar installed with $0 down and no payments until installation is done.

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